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Roasted fresh in Montreal, Quebec

We work with industry-leading Probat machines and state-of-the-art coffee roasting software. Specialty roasting is built on data, information, understanding and control of the elements; a more targeted approach that aims for consistency in the pursuit of perfection.

Who We Are

Established in 2020, Ambros specializes in the art of roasting. We meticulously select premium coffee beans from across the globe, roasting each with precision to accentuate its unique characteristics. Our passion stems from coffee's rich history and ritual, celebrating its cultural significance across centuries, its journey from harvest to cup, and its modern advancements propelled by technology.

Family Run

We're Tom & Tony, Greek brothers deeply passionate about coffee. From selecting the finest beans to roasting in Montreal, we're hands-on in every step. Our vibe, style, and passion shine through our brand.

We're here to tell a story.

Modern coffee guided by the spirit of yesterday.

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A Home for Ambros Coffee

Alphabet was established in 2023 in Montreal's historic Mile End neighborhood. The cafe is located just three blocks from where our founders' uncles had a Greek bakery 50 years ago, and where their father worked as a teenager in the 70s.  Customers have the opportunity to connect with the roasters, and a vast selection of freshly roasted beans straight from the source to choose from. 

A Greek-inspired specialty coffee shop, Alphabet offers a refined drink menu. They are famous for their signature Freddo Cappuccino, which they serve with unique style, flair and showmanship.