Sunday Morning Light Roast Breakfast Blend

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Size 340 g / 12 oz.

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A Breakfast Blend, traditionally, is a lighter roasted, straightforward coffee to start the day off without overwhelming your palate. The term is usually found in more commercial settings, but we made our own blend using specialty coffee. 

Origin: Washed Colombian & Natural Brazilian

Medium-Light Roast


Expect mild, but with kick, tangy, but not overly acidic, body, but with balance, chocolaty and nutty, but smooth.

Roasted fresh in Montreal, Canada

We work with industry-leading Probat machines and state-of-the-art coffee roasting software. Specialty roasting is built on data, information, understanding and control of the elements; a more targeted approach that aims for consistency in the pursuit of perfection.

Why Ambros Coffee?

We're deeply involved in every step of crafting exceptional coffee, from selecting the finest beans to roasting them in Montreal. Our commitment to quality extends to design and communication, reflecting our passion in every aspect of our brand. We hope you vibe with our style and feel our enthusiasm shining through.

Customer Reviews

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Nawras Abureehan

Sunday Morning Light Roast Breakfast Blend


Very nice taste from this light roast bean. I don't enjoy dark roasts, so this suits my palate perfectly!

Best coffee

I have now tried 3 different beans, and every one is superb. I have ordered coffee from 10+ Roasters around Canada and I have to say Ambros would be probably the best overall rating so far.

My go to.

One of my all time favorites. Received as a gift at Xmas, and had to order again. Bright and balanced. Highly recommend.

Kyle Coffey

Sunday Morning Light Roast Breakfast Blend