Where the Mile Ends

5765 Clark St, Montreal, Quebec H2T 2V5

Monday - Friday, 7am-7pm

Saturday - Sunday, 8am-7pm

Open every day

A Home to Ambros Coffee Roasters

Roots in the Neighbourhood

In 1973, our uncles Nick and Jimmy Argyropoulos launched Mrs Montreal, a Greek bakery on Bernard, where our dad worked. Exactly 50 years later, Tony and Tom opened Alphabet just three blocks away, on Bernard & Clark. Life has a way of coming full circle. When we found our spot, it just felt right. We're proud to honor our Mile End roots and hope the community welcomes us with open arms.

Come for the Freddo, Stay for the Culture

Our signature Freddo, a blend of whipped iced espresso and cold foam, embodies Greek coffee culture with quality, substance, and style. Introduced in Greece in the 1990s as a superior alternative to Frappe, it has evolved alongside specialty coffee, maintaining its essence. At Alphabet, Freddo is both culture and art.

The Freddos

freddo cappuccino
Freddo Cap
Freddo espresso
Freddo Espresso
Freddo Matcha
Freddo Zesto

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The Coffee Classics

Double Espresso
Iced Latte
Flat White
Iced Americano
Cold Brew

The coffee alternatives

Matcha Latte
Hot Chocolate
Chai Latte

The extras

Still Water
Carbonated Water
Pain au Chocolat
Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookie
Olive Oil Lemon Cakes

The Cups