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Brazil Fazenda Laranjal

Brazil Fazenda Laranjal

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Situated within the mountainous region of Poços de Caldas in southeastern Brazil, Laranjal Farm has steep topography, volcanic soil, and a mild climate. On 124 hectares, several different coffee varieties are produced on the farm. Coffee is hand-picked by 22 permanent employees and dried on either concrete patios for washed process, or on asphalt for natural coffee like this one.

This coffee does well what Brazilian coffee does best: low acidity, round body and ample sweetness. It is roasted for balance and holds its own through both filter and espresso. Its prominent nutty and chocolaty notes make this familiar and comforting, but with the sophistication of specialty-grade. For those dabbling into specialty, but aren’t ready to give up their cream and sugar just yet, this is the coffee for you.

Our Brazilian isn’t trying to be the loudest in the room, but rather the kind, quiet one that you can talk to for hours, and leave feeling like you’ve known forever.

Producer: José Renato, Grupo Sertãozinho

Region: Poços de Caldas

Farm: Fazenda Laranjal

Altitude: 1100-1200 masl

Varietal: Mundo Novo

Process: Natural

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How to care for your coffee

Coffee is a natural product that degasses over time, losing flavour and complexity. Store your coffee in a cool, dry, dark place to optimize freshness.

For more information about brewing or storage feel free to send us a message.

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Why us?

There is a lot of great coffee out there, and we strive to roll with the best of them. We are hands on and involved in every aspect, from choosing which coffee to bring in, to roasting it ourselves in Montreal, to design & communication. We hope that you connect with our vibe and style and that our passion resonates through the brand.