Blossom Dark Roast from Brazil

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Introducing Blossom, a specialty Brazilian coffee blend produced by ten dedicated farming families. These families bring generations of knowledge and a deep passion for coffee. The natural processing method used for this coffee enhances its rich and complex flavor profile. This unique blend, roasted a bit darker, offers a wonderful flavor profile with notes of rich chocolate, black currant, hazelnut, with a round body, ideal for espresso, Italian moka pot, French press, or a bold filter.

What truly sets Blossom apart is its traceability and sustainable farming practices. This coffee captures the true essence of Brazilian specialty coffee and ensures it is responsibly produced. Perfect for coffee roasters seeking high-quality, ethically sourced beans that offer incredible taste and support local communities.

Grown in the renowned coffee-growing regions of Caldas, Poços de Caldas, Poço Fundo, Campestre, and Andradas, Blossom benefits from diverse altitudes, fertile volcanic soils, and careful natural processing. These ideal conditions result in a coffee that stands out in both taste and quality.

Caldas, Poços de Caldas, Poço Fundo, Campestre, and Andradas

Rich chocolate, hazelnut, black currant


Roasted fresh in Montreal, Canada

We work with industry-leading Probat machines and state-of-the-art coffee roasting software. Specialty roasting is built on data, information, understanding and control of the elements; a more targeted approach that aims for consistency in the pursuit of perfection.

Why Ambros Coffee?

We're deeply involved in every step of crafting exceptional coffee, from selecting the finest beans to roasting them in Montreal. Our commitment to quality extends to design and communication, reflecting our passion in every aspect of our brand. We hope you vibe with our style and feel our enthusiasm shining through.

Customer Reviews

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Isabelle Brunette

Here is my honnest opinion. Blossum is ok, but unfortunately my personnal fave was Karamuru. It was so perfectly balanced to me I was in grief to see it removed from your selection, haha. I dont think I will be ordering Blossum again. I’m not an expert, but there seems to be more acidity in the end note that I dislike. I also had a hard time finding it’s sweet spot for an optimal shot. I frequently make lattes or iced lattes with my coffe and Karamuru also tasted better cold to me. Thank you for your excellent service!