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20/10 coffee

one of the best coffee in our city by FAR.

Blind test

Been drinking Enzo for a year ish now. Had people over a bunch and ran low. While waiting for my order I had no choice but to pick up a temp backup bag from another local micro-roaster. When we got our Enzo I smoothly transitioned back. Made my girlfriend coffee in the morning. She calls me on the way to work: What did you to the coffee this morning, it’s fing delicious ? Nothing much babe, we’re just back on Enzo …..

This experience speaks volumes.

Just buy it, drink it, and prepare yourself to say goodbye to whatever you were drinking before.


That colombian sugar cane decaf is very nice!

Félix from Colombia Nespresso® Compatible Coffee Pods

Excellent coffee, great service

I have been ordering coffee from Ambros for a while now, and could not be happier. The coffee is excellent. I order decaf as well as regular coffee. It is very rich in flavour and roasted to perfection. I have verified that alternatives of the same quality selling at stores are more expensive. The service is outstanding. Sometimes I forget to order until I’m at the very end of my beans. Their delivery is very fast and I’ve never really run out of coffee as a result of how quick they are.

This coffee is truly remarkable

In the realm of caffeinated wizardry, Enzo the Baker's espresso is my daily enchantment, conjuring joy in every cup and making every morning a magical brew-tiful experience!

Smooth and delicious

We received a small sample of pulped fiction with a previous order. The espresso is fabulously smooth and rich, with a complex chocolate nuttiness. We will certainly be getting more. Thank you!

Modelo from Honduras
Frederic Parisien
Modelo Honduras

Excellent coffee espresso or drip, friendly staff

Enzo the Baker Espresso
Thomas Merritt
Enzo in my ECM

Enzo is an outstanding espresso. The best bean I've found for my office espresso maker.

perfect espressos

amazing coffee! so fresh!

African Trifecta Collection

Enzo the Baker Espresso
Melanie Larocque
Love enzo

Soft, not too strong, love the texture.

Excellent Espresso!

Ambros’ Spyros Dark Roast from Colombia makes the best espresso drinks. We use the beans to make macchiato, cortado, latte, cappuccino, and espresso drinks for ourselves, friends, and family. The beans are rich and flavorful, but never sour. These are our favorite coffee beans.

Sunday Morning Light Roast Breakfast Blend

Similar taste to.....

I have ordered this bean twice so far; the first time I found it tasted similar to Sunday Morning Sunshine, which I love, and the second time it didn’t. Go figure, my taste buds must be broken, lol.

Don Félix from Colombia
Nice mellow flavour

I enjoy a light roast bean, and this does not disappoint; very nice flavour!

Super bien équilibré, espresso idéal!


Very nice taste from this light roast bean. I don't enjoy dark roasts, so this suits my palate perfectly!

Love this coffee

My Favorite coffee for my V60, absolutely love my cup in the morning!

I already loved everything I've ever got from Ambros, but I recently had company over for brunch and they loved it too.

Kigwandi AA from Kenya
Maxime Romain
Unexpected aspect & taste

When I opened the bag, I was surprised by the dark color of the beans. With the taste notes I was expecting something lighter in color. I am brewing it with a V60 and it is the same "darker" feel taste-wise. It is my first Kenyan coffee so that's probably why, but I still like it.

Toto II Bekele Belachew from Ethiopia
Richard B
Stellar Coffee

I’m a bit of a coffee snob and I love ordering coffee from independent roasters across Canada. Ambros coffee and their Toto II is definitely a top 3 of mine and will be buying it again!

Très satisfait!

Nous apprécions les cafés aux arômes chocolatés et le Caramuru est maintenant notre préféré!

Best coffee

I have now tried 3 different beans, and every one is superb. I have ordered coffee from 10+ Roasters around Canada and I have to say Ambros would be probably the best overall rating so far.

good aroma and taste

The ethiopian coffees were to my liking.
Kenya was a little too acidic for my taste.