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Really enjoyed it.

Really enjoyed this dark roast. Goes great in every coffee drink, straight up americans to lattes. Doesnt have the same kick as Enzo, which is fine when you want a slightly lighter evening drink with all the flavor.

Would say this is my second favorite coffee after Enzo.

I'm Easy Like Sunday Morning

Love it - another winner from Ambros. Keep doing what you're doing. Only complaint is that it goes too quickly ;) I'll have to stock up with a larger bag next time.

Favorites in a box

Enzo and Dark Pulp Fiction are my two favorites from Ambros. I like Lundi Espresso as well, its much lighter and perfect for the afternoons. My favorite of the three is Enzo, I always recommend this one.

this is some serious gourmet sh*t

... as Jules said in the film. Love the flavour profile of this one, and the edgy names of their coffees too. I appreciate the detailed notes that Ambros leaves regarding their roasting approach. I had mine ground for french press by Dreamy. Using James Hoffman's technique. Very pleased with the results.

The Pulp Fiction Combo
Mirian Lebeau
Un bon goût à chaque matin

Un café tout en saveur, frais et dont l’odeur est délicieuse.

Enjoyable morning cup of coffee

Tastes great in a drip machine. Very enjoyable and lively cup of coffee to start the day.

Awesome Greek coffee

Flavorful and authentic Greek coffee that even my grandmother enjoys! Perfect smell and great kaimaki.

Pulp Fiction from Brazil

Divine espresso

As fans of dark roasted, full bodied coffee, we've tried many different brands/suppliers, and have happily settled on two Ambros products that we alternate. The Dark Roast Pulp Fiction and Enzo the Baker. They both provide a fantastic intense coffee flavour and aroma, however go down very smoothly. It's fantastic in a cup of espresso, but also makes great milk-based drinks.

Full flavoured Greek coffee

Brings back memories of my summers in Greece. Great aroma, and real "kafenio" flavour.

Dark Roast Pulp Fiction from Brazil

Félix from Colombia

A fruity and bright coffee. Delicious, especially if you’re looking for a light roast. A wonderful taste, unique in its own way and full of flavour. You can taste the quality.

Enzo the Baker

I love this coffee. It works beautifully on my Nespresso machine and the coffee itself is of the utmost quality. A beautiful cream at the top, you can truly taste the flavors underneath. What a wonderful way to start the day, or just enjoy an espresso whenever. 10/10

Delicious coffee

I tried the cold brew concentrates which were delicious and perfect for a warm sunny day and the customer services is one of the best experiences i have had in a long. I definitely will be ordering Ambros coffee again and recommending to friends.

Un bon Colombien Filtre

Coupe fruité avec balance, Bien aimé :)

Spices up your morning.

The description of Felix says that you might get spicy flavors and they weren't kidding. Once you take your first sip of this, the spicy flavor jumps right up. It's really great to have in an espresso, iced americano or any milk based espresso drink. The only negative might be that I didnt like it so much in a americano. Being that we're fan of dark roasts, this probably wouldnt be our go-to roast (Enzo FTW) but would order this again to alternate between my main roasts (Enzo, Pulp fiction)

Félix from Colombia

Great balance and depth

Enzo the Baker has great balance and depth of flavour. There's no mistaking freshly roasted beans. You can feel the care that goes into each bag and I love the spirit and creativity of the brand. Thanks for offering a subscription option now :)

Lundi Espresso
Carmine Napolitano
An espresso with flavour and electrcity

As an avid coffee drinker, I was overly confident about drinking this blend at night. Typically I could drink an espresso, latte, whatever other espresso based drink at night and be fine to sleep a few hours later. This blend wakes you up and keeps you awake. Its friendly aroma, rich and satisfying flavours are an authentic vibe that brings back all the best coffees one may have had ever (think European styles). It is a top choice favorite of mine now. So high praise and points for substance and style.

Best ever

Our daughter lives in Mexico and had traveled to Chiapis where she picked up some coffee for us, It was terrific! Unfortunately we finished the bag and then started trying to figure out how to get more. I stumbled across Ambros coffee and they had the blend we were looking for Jaltentango. We decided to take a chance and ordered 1 kg because of the free shipping. It came very quickly. It's a perfect match for the one our daughter brought us! We are very happy.

Decent taste but not for me.

Didn't love Don Ciro as much as I hoped I would. I was hoping I'd get more of the chocolate brownie flavors but unfortunaly I got a lot of the floral and sweet flavors. If you like the floral flavors you will LOVE this.

It still made a decent cup of espresso/americano but I will not order this one again.

Best roastery - cant even find this quality in Toronto

Amazing coffee Always so Fresh

Nice surprise

I found this coffee at marché Jean-Talon fromagerie Hamel. Bought it because I love Brazilian coffee. Am hooked!

Le meilleur!

Ce café est tout simplement parfait!

Cafe de qualité exceptionnelle

Le cafe Enzo the baker fait des espresso sublimes. Le meilleur que j’ai bu à date.