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Nice full bodied decaf, excellent service

I bought the decaf and was very pleased with the nice full bodied flavour, rich not bitter or burnt. Just perfect. Service was super prompt!

Enzo the Baker Espresso
Vincent Allaire

Great coffee, great service as always.

Best Espresso in the Game

If you haven't tried Ambros coffee, you should.
If you have, but haven't tried Enzo the Baker Espresso, then you definitely should.
Go to coffee in my house since I came across this locally run company. Good for regular drip, cold coffee's, latte's.
Great flavor, not bitter, just perfection every time.
Only disappointment, is when my cup is empty.

Sunday Morning Light Roast Breakfast Blend

Toto from Ethiopia

Excellent coffee!

Modelo from Honduras
Robert Leonard
Never a bad blend

I’ve never had a bad blend from Ambros and they’re the ones who got me not only drinking coffee but brewing it properly and drinking high quality blends. Highly recommend

Great filters at a good price

Picked these bad boys up to go with my Hario V60 coffee maker I bought on the owners recommendations years ago and they never disappoint


I loved this coffee. The taste was amazing, and I plan on ordering more!

Perfect in the morning

Espressos qui valent la peine d’être essayés

La Collection comprend 3 types de grains espressos, tous suffisamment différents l’un de l’autre, permettant une différentiation and appréciation particulière, mais tous très bons. Je recommende et re-commande avec plaisir!

Lundi Espresso
Olivier Horan

Lundi Espresso

Amazing coffee

My friends and I had some wonderfull pour overs (Honduras - modelo). I made a few batches of cold brew too (Colombia - felix) Everyone loved it. Keep up the good work guys!!

Best coffee brand ever!

The coffee taste of Ambros is unique and so so good for any fan of coffee out there. I love this brand, their communication, fast shipping and recommendation.

New Favourite

Fabulous profile with a great smooth dark roast taste high quality coffee

Another success!

Took a chance on this as I wanted to try every blend at least once. I didn’t think I’d like it, well glad to say I was wrong. Big fan of this one and easily slot it as one of my favorites along side Enzo (which I can never get enough of!)

Great beans for pour over

The kind folks at Ambros recommended Gedeb from Ethiopian for my new pour over brewer. Very happy. Complex and clean.

Sunday Morning Light Roast Breakfast Blend

« Qu’est-ce que ça sent, dont ? Ça sent bon. »

Odeur sucrée rappelant le mocaccino. Quant à l’objet, il arbore l’image classique d’un verre de café new-yorkais.

Enzo the Baker Espresso

Dark Roast Pulp Fiction from Brazil

Sugar Decaf from Colombia
Stamatina Simitzis
Absolutely delicious

The best decaf I have tasted.

Un excellent café grecque et un des meilleurs que j’ai bu.

Ghost of Christmas Past.

This was an excellent dark blend without that smoky, burnt aversive taste that so many dark roasts have. It made our Christmas merry and bright!

Quel café

Le café en soi est parfait, mais le goût thé aux pêches est assez incroyable. Le café semble avoir cette “viscosité” surette des pêches.

Wonderful Coffee

5 star coffee always fresh roasted in Montreal and cant find anything of comparison in Toronto