Benti Nenka from Guji, Ethiopia

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Size 340 g / 12 oz.

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Introducing our new Ethiopian from Guji; a lighter roast coffee with nuance an complexity makes for a true specialty coffee from East Africa.

Guduba Wet Mill was built in 2012 in the village of Benti Nenka. The village and mill are located in the well-known Guji district of Hambela Wamena. More than 525 farmers contribute their cherries to this station. Most small- hold producers farm about 1 to 2 hectares at the truly incredible heights of 1900 to 2170 MASL. Farming methods in Guji remain largely traditional. Guji farmers typically intercrop their coffee plants with other food crops. This method is common among smallholders because it maximizes land use and provides food for their families. In addition to remaining traditionally intercropped, most farms are also traditional and organic by default. Farmers in Guji typically use very few--if any-- fertilizers or pesticides. Most farm work is done manually and very few tasks are mechanized, even during processing.

Region: Guji
Village: Benti Nenka
Washing station: Guduba Wet Mill
Altitude: 1900-2250 masl
Varietals: Landraces
Process: Fully Washed

With notes reminding us of yellow kiwi, honeydew sweetness, Meyer lemon, fig, and black tea, this coffee from Guji has a subtle body with tea-like delicacy, and an overall balanced cup.

Roasted fresh in Montreal, Canada

We work with industry-leading Probat machines and state-of-the-art coffee roasting software. Specialty roasting is built on data, information, understanding and control of the elements; a more targeted approach that aims for consistency in the pursuit of perfection.

Why Ambros Coffee?

We're deeply involved in every step of crafting exceptional coffee, from selecting the finest beans to roasting them in Montreal. Our commitment to quality extends to design and communication, reflecting our passion in every aspect of our brand. We hope you vibe with our style and feel our enthusiasm shining through.

Customer Reviews

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Suzanne Bélanger

Délicieux, velouté

Worka from Ethiopia

Excellent !

Julie Gauthier
Best coffee brand ever!

The coffee taste of Ambros is unique and so so good for any fan of coffee out there. I love this brand, their communication, fast shipping and recommendation.

Great beans for pour over

The kind folks at Ambros recommended Gedeb from Ethiopian for my new pour over brewer. Very happy. Complex and clean.

Quel café

Le café en soi est parfait, mais le goût thé aux pêches est assez incroyable. Le café semble avoir cette “viscosité” surette des pêches.