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perfect espressos

amazing coffee! so fresh!

African Trifecta Collection

Enzo the Baker Espresso
Melanie Larocque
Love enzo

Soft, not too strong, love the texture.

Excellent Espresso!

Ambros’ Spyros Dark Roast from Colombia makes the best espresso drinks. We use the beans to make macchiato, cortado, latte, cappuccino, and espresso drinks for ourselves, friends, and family. The beans are rich and flavorful, but never sour. These are our favorite coffee beans.

Sunday Morning Light Roast Breakfast Blend

Similar taste to.....

I have ordered this bean twice so far; the first time I found it tasted similar to Sunday Morning Sunshine, which I love, and the second time it didn’t. Go figure, my taste buds must be broken, lol.

Don Félix from Colombia
Nice mellow flavour

I enjoy a light roast bean, and this does not disappoint; very nice flavour!

Super bien équilibré, espresso idéal!


Very nice taste from this light roast bean. I don't enjoy dark roasts, so this suits my palate perfectly!

Love this coffee

My Favorite coffee for my V60, absolutely love my cup in the morning!

I already loved everything I've ever got from Ambros, but I recently had company over for brunch and they loved it too.

Kigwandi AA from Kenya
Maxime Romain
Unexpected aspect & taste

When I opened the bag, I was surprised by the dark color of the beans. With the taste notes I was expecting something lighter in color. I am brewing it with a V60 and it is the same "darker" feel taste-wise. It is my first Kenyan coffee so that's probably why, but I still like it.

Toto II Bekele Belachew from Ethiopia
Richard B
Stellar Coffee

I’m a bit of a coffee snob and I love ordering coffee from independent roasters across Canada. Ambros coffee and their Toto II is definitely a top 3 of mine and will be buying it again!

Très satisfait!

Nous apprécions les cafés aux arômes chocolatés et le Caramuru est maintenant notre préféré!

Best coffee

I have now tried 3 different beans, and every one is superb. I have ordered coffee from 10+ Roasters around Canada and I have to say Ambros would be probably the best overall rating so far.

good aroma and taste

The ethiopian coffees were to my liking.
Kenya was a little too acidic for my taste.

Worka from Ethiopia

Excellent !

Lundi Espresso
Samuel Sousa
Love this coffee

Monday morning can't go wrong with Lundi Espresso. The name says so :-)

Great coffee

Love the coffee, really fresh, and arrived in 2 days. I'll order again forsure

Spyros Dark Roast from Colombia

Dark Roast Pulped Fiction from Brazil

Lundi Espresso
Victoria Alves
Favourite Espresso

My iced latte game will never be the same. Get this espresso!

Ambros - Dark Roast Kings

Like another review said, if you are reading this review, just buy this collection.

Ambros are the Kings of dark roasts.

The three bags arrive plump from all the freshly roasted beans off-gassing … you’d think they were still warm.

When you open these up, it’s hard to believe how good these smell. You will re-open the bags just to make sure you weren’t imagining things. Yes yes they smell THAT good…

You will find in these three your sweet spot of chocolatiness/sweetness/strength. My fave’s Enzo, but a Lundi cortado tastes like drinking a melted bar of milk chocolate. Unbelievable.

Enjoy … after having gone through a ton of independent micro-roasters … I repeat… Ambros are the Kings of dark roast.

Hats off to you guys, you’ve done a good job

Very good products

The Enzo espresso is one of the best coffees I ever tried

My go to.

One of my all time favorites. Received as a gift at Xmas, and had to order again. Bright and balanced. Highly recommend.