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Hario V60-01 Brown Filters (100 Pack)

Hario V60-01 Brown Filters (100 Pack)

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Ambros Coffee Roasters

Hario V60-01 Brown Filters (100 Pack)

Hario V60-01 Brown Filters (100 Pack)

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*Limited quantity at a special price.
  • Ships within 24 hours from our warehouse in Montreal.
  • Bundle it with our locally roasted specialty coffee and qualify for free shipping over $40 in Montreal/Laval, and $49 for the rest of Canada.
100 pack of the brown, unbleached V60-01 paper filters. Gives you a sediment free clean cup of coffee.
As with any paper filter, ensure that you wash through with boiling water first to remove any remaining paper taste. These filters are a natural brown as they are unbleached.
  • 100 Unbleached Brown Paper Filters
  • For Use in V60-01 Drippers
  • New design with tighter weave and a tab for easier opening
  • Practical Capacity: 240ml
  • Made in Japan
  • Manufacturer's SKU: VCF-01-100M

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While you're here, now is the perfect time to discover some of the finest & freshest coffee roasted in Montreal.

Ambros Coffee Roasters was founded in 2020 with the mission of sourcing coffee from specialty growers around the world, and roasting it with purpose and precision for discerning customers with the highest standards.

Our coffee can be found at many of the finest cafes in our hometown of Montreal, and across Canada.

  • Gedeb from Ethiopia

    Un remplaçant direct de notre bien-aimé Gedeb, Worka Sakro est le nouvel éthiopien lavé au menu. En fait, ce café provient également du district de Gedeb, situé dans la partie sud de la région de café convoitée de Yirgacheffe. Il a été cultivé par une communauté de petits agriculteurs du village de Sakro, près de la ville de Worka. De nombreux agriculteurs locaux utilisent "Worka" pour nommer leurs lots, car il est souvent associé et bien connu pour un profil de saveur spécifique à la région.

    In your cup

    Torréfié plus léger, attendez-vous à une tasse parfumée, juteuse et florale, avec des notes rappelant des bleuets à l'avant, des notes de pomme verte en milieu de bouche, acidité moyenne à faible, corps moyen et finale de réglisse noire.

    Read more about Worka Sakro 
  • Toto Natural from Ethiopia

    The crop was grown in Kawo Kamina, a farm operated by highly-regarded Ethiopian coffee exporter, Moplaco. The river that runs through the farm separates Sheka from Kaffa woreda, another renowned coffee region.
    In your cup
    That unmistakable fruity and poignant natural Ethiopian profile, with apricot and pear sweetness and fruitiness, with a floral undertone and a very clean finish. Try bringing out these notes through pour over, or, if you are feeling adventurous, pull some espresso shots with this natural African. 

    Read more about Toto 
  • Modelo from Honduras

    This coffee is our first from Honduras and was grown at Carlos Aguilar's 7 hectare farm in the town of Guerisne. Carlos started growing coffee after he bought the farm in 2011 and, after a challenging first few years due to market and logistical conditions, he has been successfully and consistently growing 100% Catuai specialty coffee.

    In your cup
    Roasted on the lighter side of medium, you will be met with some slight acidity, followed by a clean, clear, fresh and comfortably fruity cup, with notes reminding us of black tea, orange, and red grape. Brew this as filter or as an espresso shot with a splash of vibrancy.

    Read more about Modelo 

Customer Reviews

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Robert Leonard
Great filters at a good price

Picked these bad boys up to go with my Hario V60 coffee maker I bought on the owners recommendations years ago and they never disappoint

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We roast in small batches on top-end machines. Each bag is tagged with a roast date, so you know when the coffee was roasted and can be confident about freshness.