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Mexico Red 5 Diciembre Organic
Mexico Red 5 Diciembre Organic

Mexico Red 5 Diciembre Organic

The Red 5 de Diciembre network is a regional cooperative from La Cañada, in southern Mexico. Its name comes from the date the coop was formed (December 5th) and the colour red, which is a traditional symbol of Mexican independence. 

The Red 5 is our first certified organic coffee from beautiful Mexico, the world’s largest organic coffee producer. Organic growth emphasizes sustainable farming, soil health, and a range of beneficial effects for the surrounding ecosystem. It was an important step for us to bring in coffee from a producer like Red 5 Diciembre, which is dedicated to having a positive social and environmental impact, and Mexico, a country with a rich coffee-producing heritage.

A subtly fruity, fudgy cup, with dessert notes and potential hints of chocolate-covered cherries, pomegranate, raspberry fudge, and almond. Expect a round body that will work well with any pour-over method, and its fudginess will make for a luscious espresso.

Producer: Red Cafecultores 5 de Diciembre

Region: La Cañada, Oaxaca

Altitude: 1750 masl

Varietal: Typica, Bourbon, Caturra, Mundo Novo

Process: Washed

Certification: Organic