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Mexico Lachao Organic Decaf
Mexico Lachao Organic Decaf

Mexico Lachao Organic Decaf

The Mexico Lachao organic decaf is an exciting one. Gone are the days of bland, tasteless decafs. Specialty coffee doesn’t play by those rules. From the moment we cupped it, this Mexican stood out with its natural sweetness and a very clean, smooth cup. Exactly what you would want from a decaf, with hints of lemon, raisin, vanilla icing, and cinnamon roll. Decaffeinated at source by Mountain Water Process, this coffee is perfect for those who want a guiltless cup any time of day or night. 
As an origin, Mexico has a rich coffee-heritage and is the world's largest producer of organic coffee. If you follow the Sierra Madre del Sur and Sierra Mixteca ranges south of Oaxaca city towards the coast, you will find a unique climate - soft, pine-filled forested mountains that give way to steep, craggy coffee fields as you head into the heart of La Pluma. This is the district of Sierra Sur, and home to the coffee that made Mexico famous.
Since forming in the early 90s, the UNECAFE group in Lachao has grown to have an average of 5 hectares per person, each hectare of which produces 800-1200 pounds of export grade coffee (3-4 times the average). This is due to aggressive organic practices, constant pruning, and the continual investment in new trees. This is the heart of La Pluma, and there is pride that comes with planting this
specific varietal.
Producer: Unecafe, Lachao
Region: Oaxaca, Sierra Sur, Lachao
Altitude: 1700-1900 masl
Varietal: Typica la PLuma & Mundi Novo (less than 10%)
Process: Decaf MWP
Certification: Organic