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Colombia Bilbao de Tolima

Colombia Bilbao de Tolima

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We have been looking to bring back this classic origin since we ran out of our Madre Laura, and we feel that we finally found the perfect Colombian coffee. Both sweet and juicy, this washed process coffee is blessed with clean and bright acidity, balance, body, and finish. Its notes remind us of Granny Smith apple, chocolate sweetness, and an underlying layer of honey roasted nuts. Its structure, roast, and composition make it so that it shines as drip or pour-over, but also give it the versatility to be pulled as an espresso. A real crowd-pleasing, satisfying cup, with the sophistication of a quality-grown specialty coffee.

About the Producer

In 2010, after graduating from a program in farming administration, a group of students seeking ways to support their home community united to form an association of technicians and producers in Bilbao. Recognizing the economic struggles of the campo in their beloved Tolima, the young hopeful minds of brought organization, technical assistance, and teamwork to their region. Four years after the start of the project, the organization grew to incorporate farmers from the surrounding area and now consists of 48 members strong. ASOTBILBAO invests in the future of the organization through rotating leadership roles and various active committees, which are all dedicated to improving quality and commercialization. While coffee is the focal point of production, the group has diversified its production to include avocados, beans, and the tropical fruits granadilla and lulo. 

ASOTBILBAO's mission is simple: "Advance production by applying best agricultural practices and environmentally friendly cultivation methods, and thus improving the welfare of our families and surroundings."

Region: Tolima, Colombia
Producer: ASOTBILBAO (an association)
Altitude: 1600-2000 masl
Varietals: Caturra, Castillo, Colombia
Process: Washed

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How to care for your coffee

Coffee is a natural product that degasses over time, losing flavour and complexity. Store your coffee in a cool, dry, dark place to optimize freshness.

For more information about brewing or storage feel free to send us a message.

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Why us?

There is a lot of great coffee out there, and we strive to roll with the best of them. We are hands on and involved in every aspect, from choosing which coffee to bring in, to roasting it ourselves in Montreal, to design & communication. We hope that you connect with our vibe and style and that our passion resonates through the brand.

Coffee Roasting in Montreal

Roasted fresh in Montréal, Canada

We work with industry-leading Probat machines and state-of-the-art coffee roasting software. Specialty roasting is built on data, information, understanding and control of the elements; a more targeted approach that aims for consistency in the pursuit of perfection.