Grinding Coffee 101


Let’s touch on grinding for a minute. Often overlooked, it is the key to consistency and flavour. Although ground coffee should be as fresh as possible, it should also be precisely and evenly ground. This is why I often tell people that they’ll probably get a better-tasting cup from an older pre-ground bag, than if they grind fresh beans in a Vitamix or some other blade grinder, which yields a dull and uneven result (hold out and buy a burr grinder).

Coffee extraction, put simply, happens when hot water dissolves ground beans, and every brew method manages that differently. Adjusting your grind according to your method is imperative. If you don’t have a grinder (or you have a crummy one), let us grind the coffee for you on the Goliath of grinders, our Malhkonig EK43. Online shop offers the choice of one of three grinds: fine for espresso, moka pot, aeropress, medium for manual pour-over and drip machine, coarse for French press, and cold brew.
Of course, there are levels to this too, so feel free to let us know exactly which method the grind is for, and we will cater to that specifically. For instance, a moka pot is on a coarser side of fine than an espresso machine.

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